Our Services

Measurement and installation:

-The price that offered by the company includes the measurement, installation fees, accessories and all required equipment of the curtain.

- Starco company gives a guarantee card for one year after installation.

- maintenance  is free of charge  within the guarantee period.

-Starco company offers samples to the suppliers who work in the same field, and who are  interested in distribute the products.

-Free delivery to distributors in Irbil.
-Starco company offers to the customers by a technical team a full explain to the best use of curtains, that provides them with devices to help them choose what is suitable.

- We offer quotations for engineers and contractors in case of large projects.

- we offer to our customers a fabric request service that non-exist in our stores and market, and delivered in an appropriate speed if this type exists in the company's samples.

-Any error happen during the implementation of the curtain, whether caused by measurement or during the manufacturing process, the company is committed to correct that error at its own expense

- We have a specialist maintenance  team throughout the week

Maintenance No. 07508162888